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The Benefits of Wash & Fold

May 19, 2023

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Sometimes called fluff and fold, sometimes called drop off laundry, wash and fold is when you leave your laundry at a laundromat and they wash your clothes for you. How is this service beneficial to you? Let us count the ways.

  1. It saves you time! When you have someone else do your laundry it frees up several hours of your time. Instead of spending hours doing laundry you have time to do something you actually want to do.
  2. The machines at Clean Tide are industrial grade so they will wash your clothes better than the machines that you have at home. Clean Tide's machines are designed for efficiency and will get your clothes cleaner and faster than you can at home.
  3. The launderers at Clean Tide have been doing laundry for years. Sometimes people don’t pay close attention to their laundry and dry clean only items get washed, cotton shorts shrink, stains get forgotten and set in. Our launderers are professionals. It is their job to get the laundry right. So, they are less likely to make mistakes than you will.
  4. Are you picky about how you want your laundry washed? Clean Tide caters to your needs. If you like your laundry washed a certain way, we will do it for you so that you are always happy with how your laundry turns out.

So save yourself some time and energy and let Clean Tide take care of your laundry for you.

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