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Spa & Salon Laundry Service in and near Venice, CA

Managing a spa or salon and keeping clientele looking and feeling their best comes with a lot of laundry. Clean Tide Laundry offers a convenient and reliable spa & salon laundry service that helps you and your staff keep fresh, ready-to-use towels, linens, and robes for your guests to use while they relax and rejuvenate.

In spas and salons, linens, towels, robes, and uniforms are constantly exposed to lotions, oils, hair products (including dyes), makeup, soaps, and various chemicals used in skincare treatments. Let Clean Tide Laundry wash them out and refresh them.

Spa & Salon Wardrobe Laundry

As a spa or massage therapy office, you might provide robes to your guests, a service that shows them you have them covered. While you put their needs first, we have your laundry covered. We can wash, dry, fluff, and fold (or hang) your robes so that they are ready to use upon return. Perfect for spas and massage therapy offices that provide robes and other wardrobe items to clientele.

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Linen Laundry for Massage Tables

Your clients may come to you to relieve stress. Make them feel comfortable in luxuriously soft and fresh linens and blankets. As linen experts, we know the best practices for cleaning and refreshing these linens so that your clients will feel stress relief from the moment they lay down. Perfect for massage therapy offices and spas that use linens, pillows, covers, and decorative table linens that create inviting and relaxing experiences.

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Spa & Salon Towel Cleaning

Pamper your clients with the luxury of soft, clean towels at every session. We use a variety of gentle yet effective laundry products and cleansing methods to keep towels looking pristine and feeling soft. We can also fold or roll them to your specific needs. Perfect for spas, salons, barbershops, and massage therapy offices that provide towels to clientele.

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Staff Uniform Laundry

As a professional organization, keep your staff looking sharp as they make your customers look and feel great. In salon and spa settings, it's not uncommon for lotions, oils, hair product, and more to stain the uniforms, aprons, and smocks that your staff use. Let us rejuvenate the wardrobe as your staff rejuvenates your clients. Perfect for spas, salons, barbershops, and massage therapy offices that provide uniforms to staff.

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